Ian Carr. Creative Strategist.

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An inspiring team leader that delivers marketing results across a variety of needs ranging from social media, digital marketing, UX design, traditional marketing, events, film/tv production and virtual reality. Able to foster a team environment that promotes growth and confidence across all associates, ensuring that projects get delivered on time and surpass expectations. While being a master user of the brand marketing, I obsess with new solutions and problem solving that enable breakthrough technology to uncover solutions.

The design and marketing industry has been an integral part of my life for over 10 years. With my most recent role at Save the Children USA as the Director of Social Business Marketing & Technology Innovation, and my past role as the Creative Director, I’ve been able to spear head breakthrough innovative projects that help fund our programs world wide. I’ve developed the perfect mix of marketing strategy and creative — a creative strategist. I have worked in market places doing everything from business cards, signs, websites, social campaign… to entire 360° marketing campaigns for companies like GE Capital, UnitedWay and Norwalk / Danbury Hospitals, financial boutiques, and automotive companies . Looking beyond a request, there should always be a purpose. I have been happy to provide design and creative direction for the New York City, Tri-State and Southwestern Connecticut region for years on end.

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Ian Carr
Norwalk, CT

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Phone: (203) 209.1203
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